As a topless dancer, Sylvie Imelda Shene was the consummate professional. She was in it for the money and the fitness benefits, and had one important rule — never date the customers.

Life was great until she succumbed to the charms of a man she couldn’t resist. He brought her to the highest of highs — and the lowest of lows. When she finally hit rock bottom, Sylvie tried everything from self-help books and 12-step programs to turn her life around — but nothing worked until she began studying the writings of psychologist Alice Miller.

Sylvie learned that the only way out of the hell she found herself in was to face her childhood traumas, which included bouts with severe illness, learning disabilities, abusive caregivers, a drunken father and the tragic deaths of three of her siblings.

A Dance to Freedom is a highly personal, inspiring tale of beating the odds to find the truth that can set you free. In addition to offering an inside look into the excesses, dangers and even tenderness within the world of adult entertainment, the book gives much-needed practical advice on how anyone can break the invisible chains of
the painful dramas of their past.

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